My first animated infographic video

I found this infographic online and I thought that it would look cute with some animations.

So, I decided to bring the cartoons to life. :-)

First, I had to cut all the assets from the image, because I don't have the original file. The process was long and boring, but it was extremely necessary to keep the idea going.

Bellow I will show you two screenshots from the work in progress.

The first one is while I was doing it on Adobe After Effects.

Each "step" is inside its own Composition.
The second shows the final part of the video, in Adobe Premiere, when I was adding the sound effects and the sound track.

After giving it Life, it was time to give it Personality.

Infographic by: Vibe Office
Illustrations by: Pele Chaengsavang
Motion by: Fernanda Landim

You can check it out in the link bellow:

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