My first time trying UI Design

Although I know how to use Adobe Photoshop I am not a professional designer.

Let me explain: I know how to make regular squares become rounded squares, I know how to cut off objects in photos, I know how to add blending effects... BUT I am not an expert in color theory, photo manipulation, art direction or - for this matter - I don't know how to create an User Interface!

Most of my friends who were Art Directors or Graphic designers became UI and UX designers due to the high demand in the tech market. Because that's what the humans do, right? We adapt to the environment around us.

A couple of years ago I did an User Interface Design for mobile applications course, sponsored by Microsoft. The software that we used was Blend Visual Studio.

I found this pic on the internet.
The interface is not the most appealing to someone who loves design...

The assignement was to make an app. Back in 2015 Internet of Things (IoT) was trending. Because of that we decided to create a Smart House app.

Now, the downside of working with people from different backgrounds - in this case, a psychology student and an IT technician - is that you may not have the same aesthetics concepts. After two weeks of work and meetings, one of the classmates decided to change the whole layout before the presentation day. Yeah... what a helpful guy, huh?

A few years later I decided to give it a shot again. I've been following Adobe's new softwares and thanks to Demian's short tutorial I downloaded Adobe XD. You can read it here:

Re-creating my app on Adobe XD.

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